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Current COVID-19 Policies

We have worked closely with our child care licensing specialist at the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services as well as representatives of Columbus Public Heath to make adjustments to our operations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The list below is an outline of current adjustments with a focus on responsibilities among staff, visitors, and families. We will continue to make adjustments - as needed, recommended, and required - throughout this challenging public health emergency. Please check your email and this webpage for updates.

  • In accordance with recommendations from the CDC and CPH, masks are currently optional at CMC.

  • All current CMC staff are "up-to-date" on their COVID vaccinations; we all received a two shot series and a "booster shot" in 2021. "Up-to-date" COVID vaccination is a requirement of joining the CMC team in any capacity.  

  • In order to enter the building during our operating hours, all visitors to CMC (including all children and family members during drop-off and pick-up) must a) be "up-to-date" on their COVID vaccinations and/or b) have recovered from COVID in the last 90 days. For us, "up-to-date" on COVID vaccination means an individual a) has received every COVID vaccination shot for which they are individually eligible OR b) is within 30 days of first becoming eligible for a shot in their unique eligibility series.

  • Children will be engaged in hand washing and other hygiene activities to offer them proactive ways to participate in keeping us all as safe as possible. We do NOT assign individual work stations in the Children’s House nor do we encourage social distancing among the children in our care. This is an issue of maintaining developmentally appropriate expectations and opportunities for the children of CMC.

  • At drop-off, each child will undergo a quick wellness check at our front desk. Family members dropping off may also be asked about COVID symptoms and/or asked to provide documentation of their COVID vaccinations.

  • Children with a temperature of 101 °F or above and/or any of the symptoms of illness listed in our Family Handbook and/or our COVID-19 symptoms list will not be eligible for care at CMC for at least 24 hours. We will follow-up with families of children who did not pass their wellness checks or are not otherwise in attendance to determine requirements for returning to CMC on a case-by-case basis.  

  • Any suspected or confirmed case of COVID among our community (including among anyone anywhere in the building at the invitation of or employed by Karl Road Christain Church) will be shared with our community immediately (we may choose not to name individuals in our community-wide reports). We will develop plans of action - including appropriate notification of public health authorities, isolation, and quarantine requirements - on a case-by-case basis. If you are unfamiliar, please review current CDC guidance on isolation in response to COVID symptoms and/or testing positive for COVID as well as on masking and quarantine in response to exposure to COVID.

  • Adults and children that test positive for COVID must isolate for at least five days after onset of COVID symptoms or initial positive test result, whichever came first. This is regardless of vaccination status or recent recovery from COVID. Both adults and children may return to CMC after five days of isolation (so long as their symptoms do not meet our other exclusion criteria and they are able to maintain careful mask use for an additional five days). No testing is required to return to CMC after isolation. 

  • We will determine which children, if any, must quarantine for five days after exposure on a case-by-case basis. Our determination will be based on vaccination status, recent recovery from COVID, mask use, and proximity among both the COVID positive individual and exposed children.

  • We recommend COVID testing only in a) response to clear COVID symptoms and/or b) on (or as near as possible to) day five after a known exposure to COVID. We continue to depend on each community member's timely and forthright communication of any suspected or confirmed COVID cases - including all COVID test results - among members of their household. Currently enrolled families will be offered rapid COVID tests from our supply at CMC whenever practical.

  • We will make the decision to temporarily close CMC in response to COVID in cases where we are unable to safely staff our program OR in specific cases of substantial community transmission and/or risk.

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