Current COVID-19 Policies

We have worked closely this summer with our child care licensing specialist at the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services as well as representatives of Columbus Public Heath to make adjustments to our operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The list below is an outline of those adjustments with a focus on new responsibilities among staff and families. We will continue to make adjustments - as needed, recommended, and required - throughout this challenging public health emergency. Please check email and this webpage frequently for updates.

  • All adults (as well as children and young adults 10 years and older) must wear masks while in the building and especially when interacting with and/or sharing space with other adults. Some of our staff may seek permission from appropriate authorities to take breaks from mask wearing throughout the day, as necessary, in order to care for children to their fullest ability. 

  • Children are encouraged to wear masks while in the building, especially during drop-off and pick-up and while sharing space with others in our hallway. We will offer support to children who choose to wear a mask while in their Children’s House and outdoors. However, we cannot guarantee that children will remain in a mask throughout the day. Consistent with our Montessori approach generally, we will be responsive to each child’s developmental needs, abilities, and culture when encouraging and supporting mask use at CMC. This will mean that many children, especially the youngest in our care, will not wear a mask throughout the day. 

  • Children will be engaged in additional hand washing and other hygiene and social distancing activities to offer them proactive ways to participate in keeping us all as safe as possible. We will NOT assign individual work stations in the Children’s House nor will we enforce strict social distancing among the children in our care. Like mask wearing, this is an issue of maintaining developmentally appropriate expectations and opportunities for each child.

  • Drop-off and pick-up will take place at our front-desk, just south of the interior doors to our program. We will provide reusable, cotton masks and hand-sanitizer just inside the main exterior doors to the building (the mid-building double doors connected by white sidewalk to the parking lot behind the building). Ideally, just one consistent caregiver, parent, or guardian will do all pick-up and drop-off for each family. Please reach out to Taylor at 614.212.4702 or taylor@communitymontessoricolumbus.com if this is not possible for your family and we will determine the next safest possible alternative together. 

  • At drop-off and pick-up, all families will be required to keep as much distance as possible from one another with the aid of blue circles on the floor of the hallway leading up to our front desk. Please wait on the next available blue circle for your family’s turn to drop-off or pick-up; do not approach our doors or front desk until the previous family members have passed you in the hall. Please also wait to enter the building if you observe the blue circle visible from our exterior doors is already in use by another family. This will limit families in the building at drop-off and pick-up to three at a time.

  • At drop-off, each child will have a quick temperature, wellness, and COVID-19 symptoms check. All children will also be required to use hand sanitizer at the front desk before heading back to their cubby (where staff will be available to support them in their transition). 

  • Developing a short and positive drop-off routine with your child(ren) will be especially helpful in supporting a safer drop-off experience for all right now! 

  • Children with a temperature of 100 °F or above and/or any of the symptoms of illness listed in our Family Handbook and/or our COVID-19 symptoms list will not be eligible for care at CMC for at least 24 hours. We will follow-up mid-morning with families of children who did not pass their temperature and/or wellness and/or COVID-19 symptom checks to determine requirements for returning to CMC on a case-by-case basis.  

  • Any suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 among our community (including among anyone anywhere in the building at the invitation of or employed by Karl Road Christain Church) will be shared with all appropriate public health authorities immediately. We will develop a plan of action, including notification of our community, on a case-by-case basis, according to public health authorities’ recommendations and requirements. 

  • We appreciate and depend on your timely and forthright communication of any suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases among your family in keeping everyone in our building and community as safe as possible.  

  • Visitation to our program during our operating hours will be limited to the hallway and just one current or prospective adult family member at a time. Observations in our Children’s Houses, visits by interested community members/Montessorians from other programs, family education events, and community events are unfortunately not a good fit for our program under current conditions. We look forward to planning and hosting these visits, events, and opportunities when it is once again safe to do so! 

  • When we are able to open Children’s House West for the School Year Session later this fall, we will do everything possible to keep the two classroom groups insulated from one another. Staff will NOT transition from one Children’s House to the other during the regular daily operating schedule, the two Children’s Houses will NOT be combined while outdoors, and groups of children will NOT be combined in Extended Care Sessions (except in cases where temporary staffing shortage or other emergency make these the only feasible options). 


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