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Sliding Scale Fees

Our goal, as an intentionally diverse and socially responsible institution, is to make joining CMC accessible and affordable to as many Central Ohio families as possible. To meet that goal, we offer Sliding Scale Fees to all families across a range of child care and education scheduling options. This means we charge fees to families that are responsive to their financial circumstances and child care needs (as opposed to a single set of fees for all families). 


To determine fees for your family, CMC staff will work with you to complete a Schedule and Fee Calculator for your family. Your calculator will:

  • Find your Adjusted Family Income (AFI) - The AFI incorporates your family size, all sources of annual income, and net assets into a single number representing your family’s financial resources. 

  • Find the best schedule for your child(ren) at CMC - We offer child care and education across eight daily scheduling options from 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM, 50 full and partial weeks a year. For details of our schedule, please visit the Calendar and Daily Schedule page of our website.   

  • Determine your family’s fees using both your AFI and child(ren)’s schedule(s).


Any family may choose to waive reporting of financial information and calculation of their AFI by agreeing to pay our Maximum Fees. Our Maximum Fees are competitive, on an hourly basis, with preschool programs at well-regarded independent schools in Central Ohio and other fully-implemented Montessori programs in Ohio (both of which typically offer far fewer hours and days of consistent child care each year). Maximum Fees are also the upper limit of our Sliding Scale. Families with high AFIs are asked to pay our Maximum Fees instead of fees based on a proportion of their AFI.

Maximum Fees for 2021 - 2022 School Year and Summer Sessions

Most families will qualify for Sliding Scale Fees while completing our Schedule and Fee Calculator. Our Sliding Scale Fees range from just 37% of Maximum Fees (which works out to approximately $70/week for all sessions of our Partial Day program and $130/week for full-time, year-round care) up through 100% of Maximum Fees. Our Sliding Scale is based on a proportion, or small percentage, of your family’s financial resources, as represented by your AFI. Families taking advantage of our rolling enrollment policy and starting mid-session will be offered fees prorated by the full or partial week of first attendance. After providing a written two-week notice, fees are also prorated by the full or partial week of withdrawal when withdrawing before the end of a session.

Families with very low AFIs will be likely to qualify for Publicly Funded Child Care (PFCC) through the Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services. Please see our Family Handbook for more details of this program and CMC’s participation as a provider of PFCC.